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  • Flagship utilizes Clinical Pathways aligned with PDPM Diagnostic Categories that promote optimal functional outcomes.

  • Flagship incorporates Compliance Services aligned with PDPM Program Integrity to reduce risk and promote appropriate and clinically justified services.

  • Flagship integrates Therapy Programming that promotes optimal quality measures, reduction of readmissions and state survey preparedness.

  • Flagship provides Clinical Staff Training focused on resident-centered interventions and an interdisciplinary approach to promote a holistic service delivery.

Compliance Services

We offer Comprehensive Compliance Services to monitor and audit key PDPM Compliance Indicators to ensure appropriate and individualized delivery of care, documentation and billing for therapy services.

Clinical Staff Training

Our clinical team members are trained to accurately assess and measure resident functional status to drive interventions that foster optimal outcomes. We promote a collaborative approach with our team and your IDT to ensure that the therapy impact is most favorable.

Therapy Programming

Our therapy programming promotes Section GG function-driven collaborative interventions and services that simultaneously impact SNF quality measures and reduction of your readmission rates. Our focus is interdisciplinary and holistic approaches that advance our common goals of measurable outcomes.


We offer ongoing learning opportunities related to all things PDPM to ensure our mutual success as partners. Opportunities include PDPM presentations, PDPM Eblasts and PDPM White Papers.

Management Services

Flagship offers other complementary services such as Restorative Management Services, Rehab Management Services, etc to uniquely tailor our partnerships with the communities we serve.

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